Hamid's e-Portfolio

Author's Note


My name is Hamid Yasir. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a student of law. I have been working on a range of academic projects associated with legal studies and social sciences. My professional interests include: accessible education, universal healthcare, and social justice.

About This Site

This is an e-Portfolio created for my Expository Writing course at Harvard; repurposed for my personal portfolio. The goal of this site is to preserve my selected work in unpolished and original form on the public domain.

P.S.: My writings can be accessed from the main-menu.


Institutional Profile

  • Dalhousie University.

  • Harvard University.

  • McGill University.

  • Cape Breton University.

  • Arizona State University.

*This list maintains a reverse-chronological order.

Professional Experience

  • Web Development.

  • Academic Research.

  • Non-profit management.

  • Accessible Education Development.

  • Computer Mediated Communication.

Direct Network

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  • Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Montréal, Quebec.

  • Sydney, Nova Scotia.

  • Chittagong, Bangladesh.

*This list maintains a reverse-chronological order.